Ishibashi Yui’s Sculptures

Ishibashi Yui’s sculptures are hard hitting in their simple lines and pale colours, portraying figures being overtaken by roots and creepers. Although beautifully elegant, they create within me a certain disquiet because of the positioning of the figures and the fact that they sometimes appear to be in pain or afraid.Yui has developed a mixed media approach, incorporating wood, clay and wire into her pieces. The vibrant colours of the roots and growths contrast with the off-white figures, making them appear vulnerable and defenceless. Yui seems to be demonstrating how we are all interwined with the natural world and is perhaps commenting on the natural cycle of life and death and how we return to the earth. I admire the way Yui confronts these themes and certainly they are of significant interest to me because of my fascination with our relationship with nature. This has provided more food for thought.




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