Nele Azevedo’s Melting Men

After deciding to select the bee as a symbol of the catastrophe facing species because of environmental threats and reading about Dyck’s inspiring work, I decided to look at other artists who are tackling the subject of global warming. I was intrigued by Neil Azevedo’s ice man instillation (which I later learned was not intended to be about global warming) but  which,for me, instantly brought to mind climate issues. The presentation of the piece in an open public space would have created a lot of intrigue and sparked a lot of attention. The perfect publicity stunt. Warmed by the sun, the ice men melted until they were simply puddles, with nothing remaining of the sculptures. To me this is a stark reminder of what we face to lose environmentally. When it has gone we will not be able to get it back. As the figures melted, their posture began to lean forwards, which looked to me like a slumped sadness, the problems in the world weighing them down.


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