Crystal Morey’s Sculptures

American Ceramic Sculptor, Crystal Morey, has a deep appreciation for the natural world and her work explores the primal relationship between humans and the environment. A key theme for her work is the ‘great acceleration’ and how we as humans have drastically changed the planet and caused havoc, in the past hundred years. Morey explores how this knowledge affects us, our psyche and our choices. Her sculptures show humans encased in animals. The creatures used are either extinct or endangered due to human actions. The figures always seem contemplative and are deliberately inward looking as Morey says she wants them to be thinking about the very uncertain future. Morey’s work is also inspired by her interest in Native American totem poles and ceremonial masks. As well as being visually beautiful, these pieces represent the complex relationship between humans and animals and this art is compelling us to consider these implications. An intriguing aspect is the way the people seem to wear the bodies, particularly below. The figures clutch at the bodies almost as if they were wrapping clothes around them, which creates quite a chilling touch.


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