Aganetha Dyck’s Collaboration With Bees

After deciding that I would place a bee in my sculpture’s hands as a symbolic reference to environmental issues, I stumbled across the artist Aganetha Dyck and her wonderous bee collaboration sculptures. She places objects in the beehives or vise versa, resulting in the bees creating honeycomb on the specific surfaces. Some of her works took years to create, such as ‘Glass Dress: Lady in Waiting’ which took 10 bee keeping seasons. Dyck is not just interested in the beauty of her work but that ‘people will realize the importance of the honeybee’s work’.

Dyck’s work is elegant and graceful in appearance but also challenges the viewer to think about bees and their significance. Her ‘collaboration’ with bees demonstrates her  unobtrusive interaction  with nature whilst providing a powerful, visual message to us all.


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