More Fungiers and Another Prosthetic Limb

From my human prosthetic design drawings, I decided to create a clay hand, which would slot onto the piece of wood next to it. For this design I decided to shape the human hand into a position which would look as if it were holding itself up from the floor, giving it more life and realism. After sculpting though, I felt that this pose felt almost aggressive and a little too ‘Adams Family’ and decided that if I were to make another, I would make it in a more graceful pose, similar to my hand/stick sketches.

Whilst on the subject of hands, I also made these ‘Hand Mushrooms’ from one of my designs a few weeks ago. I feel that the more uncurled the hand becomes, the more mushroom like it appears, becoming a fluid, dancing shape. As a consequence, I feel, they also reassemble and capture the opening and closing movement of coral. Particularly the ones that are sill grey and moist could appear to move at any moment. I am pleased with the merging I have achieved between the human form and different aspects of nature, hinting at a connection, a type of symbiotic relationship where both entities depend on each other for survival. My research has led me to discover that there are actually 4 main types of symbiotic relationship: mutualism, commensalism, parasitism and competition. This concept would be interesting to develop in my work, as clearly not all these relationships are mutually beneficial to all those involved. This is demonstrated every day in mankind’s relationship with nature.


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