Wooden Limbs Degree Show Proposal


With my new plans for my degree show work, I decided that I should write a new proposal to understand how my work would sit in the show.


At the moment, I am sure that my piece will consist of  at least one half figure on a tree stump and at least one arm branch and one leg branch. I imagine all of these to be placed on the floor, as if abandoned there, as they would be displayed outdoors. I would like to leave enough space for them each to be walked around and viewed properly, but close enough to appear as a cluster. I feel that these could work well in a corner, with natural light falling on them.

On the two walls of the corner, I would like to display four images, which would display similar pieces but in an outdoor setting. It would also be interesting to document people discovering them and interacting with them but this may be displayed on my blog in image or video form. The majority of my work would be created and assembled before hand, during the set up i would have to assemble the pieces and hang images.



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