Prosthetic Leg

From this initial inspiration I created this prosthetic leg. It is the same piece of wood that I used for my abstract piece and I am very happy to be using it again. As well as being a perfect shape for a leg (the hole looks like a knee!) I also found the wood in one of the woodland areas near my home and it seems fitting to  incorporate it into my work.

Again I used Ash White clay and after I took this photo also added some finer detail that is reminiscent of some of the artists I have looked at recently. I am hoping that once the work is fired, I will glaze it and then will cover the join between the wood and ceramics (although it is quite interesting in this piece) with a found item of clothing, such as a sock and cover it with slip to give it a ceramic look. Although this will mean I am unable to fire it as it will be attached to the wood, once it is dried, I could paint it with watercolors and varnish it so it appears glossy.


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