Prosthetic Designs

Whilst in the woods looking for some twigs, I found myself standing over a hunk of tree that had been sawn top and bottom. Whilst looking down at the tree I imagined a body emerging from it where the saw marks were. As I walked around the rest of the wood and saw fallen branches, I envisaged them with arms and feet coming out. Quite a stylized image but one that captured the sadness of the sight. The jagged saw marks made me imagine the brutal demise of the tree and think that how as a species they do more for the planet than we do. I felt that this concept could be built into an art piece to act as a reminder that we are all interconnected and ignore that stark fact at our own peril.I imagined cast body parts around the woods, possibly where I originally found the cut branches, waiting to be found. At a first glance, people may believe that they were real body parts, causing an adrenaline rush of fear. But when they stepped a little closer they would be relieved and maybe intrigued to discover the flesh was instead clay, attached to wood. I would hope that this would lead them to think about our selfish over consumption of trees and forests and our disregard for other species. Once we forget that we are reliant on nature for our own survival, we are lost.


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