Mushroom Noses in the Great Outdoors

I then displayed the mushroom noses in a natural environment to discover the effect this would create. I liked the  vibrance of the colour and how the red contrasted and stood out against the natural green, yellow and brown hues. I have to try and remind myself that this is based on a real mushroom and that the naturally occurring fungi give out the same warning signs to predators. I like the shapes I have been able to sculpt and feel they are quite humorously designed. Displaying them outdoors seems to create a very different effect and brings them more to life. Although there are some photos with more subdued tones that I am quite fond of, the bright ones are very striking. I have also discovered that being outside, the pieces loose their waxy quality. This may be to do with the natural lighting, but is an interesting effect. I feel that the pieces work better in lower lever lighting because of this, where they can capture a sheen.


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