Fungiers in Natural Environment 

To provide a contrast to my indoor photoshoot and to do some further experimenting, I took my mushroom fingers into their intended environment, a wild wooded area. Unfortunately,as I have poorly designed the base of the fingers, it has made it rather difficult to stick them onto surfaces so they stand upright. Even with blue tack, I found that the wood was so moist it was very challenging to make it stick!  Despite this, I am pretty thrilled with the photos I have taken. As the fingers were based on a mushroom which grows along branches,  I wanted to position them in this natural surrounding. Again as with indoors, it was difficult to gather too many together on one branch, so I have ended up with smaller clumps. I felt that they looked very organic and vas very happy with how the layered design worked in this environment. I felt that their colour was partly subdued by the vibrant greens around them, but this worked effectively.

I decided to also display the pieces in the ground to understand what aesthetic results this would have. I still kept the cluster close to the tree and was happy with the appearance of two clusters in one shot as that also felt natural and organic. I did feel though,that the fingers placed in the  ground, took on a whole different feel becoming a bit too much like a scene from a horror movie. They looked a bit like fingers of the dead rising out of the ground, which I suppose is somewhat linked to my concept but not exactly what I was aiming for. I do still like the overall effect though. I feel that the outdoor photos take on a much more natural feel and it is only on closer inspection that viewers would probably realise that they are in fact sculptures. Whilst the indoor images are very clinical and artificially arranged, making them seem less natural they do have a certain character about them which I am drawn to. I am pleased with both outcomes and the experiments in the two contrasting settings. 


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