Fungiers Indoors

I decided to have a  photo shoot with my finger mushrooms indoors, under artificial lighting to see what the effects would be. I used a log with moss on as a prop to create a more natural surrounding for them in some shots then contrasted this by using a plinth, to experiment with a more clinical setting.

I found the results very interesting, as I had never set these pieces as I wished them to be displayed before. I found that this very clinical environment made the fingers look like test subjects, and when displayed as a cluster, they looked as if they were cowering, scared. I feel that this was partly accomplished through the tightly packed arrangement I created. The harsh white also bought the colours out and made them seem much more waxy and mushroom like. I am very happy with these photos and only wish that i could have experimented with more fingers on the log, but it was rather precarious, one even fell off and broke. I feel that i will not attempt a great number again without glue, which I am afraid would be rather permanent.




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