Painted Fungiers

So I decided to paint the fired fingers with acrylic paint and gloss as it would mean I could more quickly understand how colour would affect the final appearance of the piece. (If I decided to glaze, I would have to choose a glaze, make a glaze, test fire the glaze which would also involve making around 20/30 test pieces which would also have to be bisque fired before hand and finally book my own big kiln to apply the glazes onto the fingers and that is all only if the test glaze worked out well, otherwise I’m back to step 1). This also means I have a lot more control about which colours are applied where. Although sadly I do miss out on that flawless glaze feel.

But here we are with the painted finger aaaaaand… they are pretty creepy. I think it’s just the tone of colour, which is similar to human flesh but which has a burnt and blistered effect, which makes it appear rather sinister. I had a hard time pinpointing a suitable example of a mushroom which grows on trees or fallen branches and which grows in clumps, to use as the base shape. But I got there eventually! The other problem with mushrooms is that their colours are either very garish, which can look tacky when re-modelled into art or they are very dull and subdued, with grey, brown and yellowy tones. For this piece I stayed away from the garish colours but ended up with something a bit horrifying in its grotesque ness .  I feel that I should arrange them in a natural wood setting, to see what visual impact that provides, before I give up on them completely.


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