Shroomy Nostrils

After experimenting with the mushroom fingers I decided to incorporate other body parts into mushroom designs and created these noses. I felt that the hooded shape of the typical mushroom was similar to that of a nose and tried to bring out nose features in the design such as the nostrils. I created a variety of shapes and sizes, adding two sets of nostrils to some and curling some over more than others to create some variety. I decided to paint these in the colours and pattern of the well known red and white mushroom. I made this decision in order to experiment with more garish colours to understand the effect and to contrast with my earlier pieces which were duller in colour. I feel that the effect of this choice creates a piece that is playful and childish but also a bit tacky and definitely garish. I wonder if the result would have been different if the colours remained bright but did not belong to such an easily recognizable mushroom and its children’s books / Disney type connotations.

I am beginning to believe that this type of piece may be more effective in a brilliant white, as I feel that their shape may be accentuated if not overwhelmed by a strong  colour. The shapes themselves are quite complicated and intricate and this is maybe getting lost. I would love to assemble the pieces in their intended environment, as I feel that this could make a lot of difference and help bring the pieces to life.


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