Seed Pods


Still interested in exploring other avenues, I began thinking about the pod shapes I created on my pieces at the abacus. Sometimes these pods were empty, but at other times they contained little balls that felt like new growths, the beginnings of new life. In a discussion with my tutor, we also talked about my interest in plants and growing flowers from seeds and she suggested the idea of planting lentil seeds in clay. As a result I  designed some ideas for these new pods, which I imagined fired and brightly glazed with patterns, hanging like growths from a tree. Like a fungus appearing as a parasite on a  tree, my pods would contradict this initial assumption by in fact containing life within. As an art piece, I want it to draw parallels to our own parasitic attributes as organisms yet draw attention to the fact that within each one of us is the potential to push ourselves to live more sustainabley to create a positive impact on our environment.


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