Degree Show Proposal

My world revolves around nature, my artwork is an extension of it, and I seek to encompass others in its wonder. We are not separate from nature but a big beautiful muddle of limbs, thunder and mud. I hope to encourage viewers to leave a gentler mark on the earth and find their own magic in the world, so we can regain that awe and excitement children have when they first played with a worm or found a pretty leaf.

Humankind can be seen as a parasite, but we also reflect the beauty and complexities of nature and are part of the intricate web of existence. In my work, I wish to magnify the tensions which exist but also emphasise the endless possibilities available when we reconnect with nature and respect all life.

If I had a time machine I would make us all little and awe inspired again, but unfortunately I don’t. Instead, through the medium of art, I hope to show you how truly amazing our world is.

Degree show proposal

For my degree show piece I would like to show sculpture works and photography prints. The sculpture would consist of 3 large logs (ideally almost reaching the ceiling, at least 7/8ft). I created similar (but not quite so big) pieces at the Abacus at a recent exhibition. On this occasion they were screwed into the floor at the base using brackets and a concrete drill. They were also supported from the ceiling with wire. I understand that I may face some difficulties with this, as I presume I will have to find another way of securing the wood safely, in a manner which is less destructive to the floor. I am imagining the trees will stand roughly 2 metres apart from each other in a staggered line, or in a corner.

I also envisage having small cast twigs around the logs on the floor. I am thinking that these may be unfired, then, if they are accidentally trodden on they will add to the atmosphere created, by snapping. Although I appreciate that I don’t want to create any trip hazards. The logs themselves will be adorned with clay artefacts. Surrounding the trees on the walls will be 4 prints of photographs I have taken that complement the physical tree sculptures. I am currently thinking that my piece will be lit with ordinary spotlight lighting.

I believe that the only costs to be incurred will be for the purchase of brackets, or the like, which will hold the logs securely and safely in a vertical position. The wood I can acquire myself. Once I have gathered together all the contributory parts of my sculpture, I estimate that it will take a day to construct the logs in place, at least a day to assemble the clay artefacts onto each tree and possibly another day to display the images and complete any final preparations.


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