Trying out the Combined Stick and Hand Studies

Today I created one of my hand/stick designs. I used Ash White clay, meaning that before being fired the sculpture is light grey in colour and after firing a brilliant white. I enjoyed the task of sculpting the hand, which involved developing a whole new set of skills and techniques for me. This included perfecting creating smooth and textured areas on the clay and working at producing graduated transitions between the different sections, so the hand and stick were blended smoothly.

Once sculpted I sliced the piece up in order to hollow out the middle to allow for a quicker drying time. Once hollowed, I glued the pieces back together with slip and fixed the texture that was lost through the hollowing process.

I am happy with the final result of this piece  and how I was able to also incorporate other details from my initial sketches, such as buds. I am wondering about coating these with a gold leaf finish to emphasise their beauty and delicacy.


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