Kate Macdowell’s Branchy Arms


Whilst contemplating the way ahead, I remembered the wonderful works of Kate Macdowell who I first discovered during my project research last year. Her beautiful porcelain works are delicate and intricately detailed, often incorporating the theme of humans and nature together. She says that she likes to work in porcelain because of its translucent properties and because she feels the whiteness, like a ghost, suggests to viewers that something is missing. Her elegant pieces though beautiful in themselves, also explore important issues such as climate change. Although not a new topic, Macdowell uses her own personal style to re-open the debate, producing astonishingly sculpted pieces that are able to transfix viewers. She also uses her pieces to explore humanity’s struggle with nature and science’s effect on this relationship.I would like to experiment further with the human form, which will be very challenging, to discover the links I can make between the human body and our impact on the nature around us.


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