Grayson Perry ‘All in the Best Possible Taste’

In Bath, I recently visited the Grayson Perry ‘All in the Best Possible Taste’ exhibition. It consisted of six very large tapestries, which had been made in 2012 for the TV series, where Perry explored the idea of British taste. The tapestries tell a story of little Tim and followed him through six stages of his life where he advances on a ‘class journey’.

From the point of view of my subject work, I have always been a huge fan of Perry, continuously inspired by his use of colour, shape and texture. I always find his exhibitions exciting and inspirational, from the aesthetics to the sheer will power he has to create and be heard. He always confronts and brings to the forefront important social issues and with this exhibition in particular, I found his choice to display in Bath very poignant and humorous. Perry’s work is always full of smart wit and the knick knacks he includes, gives us insight into the lives of his characters, telling us a story. This narrative is the perfect means of conveying insight into our modern world. 

From the view point of Field, the work was beautifully displayed. The six tapestries filled the room, but gave enough space to allow the viewer to contemplate each piece at a distance or from further away. As you would expect from an exhibition in a large, established gallery, there was an explanation of the works, useful background information, which helped the viewer understand and access the works right from the beginning. Each piece also contained a snipped from Tim’s story, of what that tapestry was about. From reading each part of the story before looking at the piece, the viewer understood what to look for in the tapestry and got a feel for the storyline and all its intricacies. All the tapestries were in chronological order and when looked at from afar, you could see the developments and the movement of time.


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