5 Documentation Key Points

Artist Statement

My world revolves around nature, my artwork is an extension of it, and I seek to encompass others in its wonder. We are not separate from nature but a big beautiful muddle of limbs, thunder and mud. We need to regain that awe and excitement children have when they play with a worm or find a pretty leaf. If I had a time machine I would make us all little again, but unfortunately I don’t. I just have some clay.

key points 

  1. wood land faces  IMG_0020This marked the moment I started creating my tree people hybrids. This first design began the journey to where I am now in my project. I am so glad I found these pieces of wood in the recycled materials space as they have served to inspire the development of my project!
  2. glazed tiles IMG_0331This is when I started to develop skills and knowledge about glazing techniques. This new ability enabled me to further extend my work and what I could achieve. It meant I would be able to make pieces more permanent, practise more skills and make my pieces more aesthetically varied by adding a variety of colours and textures to the finish.
  3. making peeling facesIMG_0418This demonstrates the time when I came up with a method of making the pieces detachable and how I later hollowed them out, so they could be fired. This step moved my work on significantly as it enabled me to prepare work for firing and then glazing. In the process I have been on a steep learning curve as regards allowing for shrinkage as the clay dries and adding this in to my calculations in the initial design. 
  4. makin the glazin IMG_0471here i learnt how to make my own glaze. this was another step closer to learning all the skills i need to know to successfully create pieces in this practice.
  5. successful firing   This was a great moment, it meant everything i have been doing has been right! i was a bit worried about my sculpting skills and that my work would explode in the kiln, but everything is good which means i can move forward with the glazing process.

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