Richard Long Contemplations

 Since I visited the exhibition, I’ve been thinking about how I can develop some of his themes in my clay faces, and how I can adapt my life to incorporate more of a focus on nature and seek peace and solitude through my contact with the outdoors.

As regards my clay faces, I am really interested in displaying them in public places for people to happen upon, unawares. I feel that suddenly being confronted by some of Long’s Land Art, accidentally stumbling across it, would be a magical and exciting experience. I think it would make me question whether it was intentional or an intuitive and wonderful act of nature. This art makes the ordinary become extraordinary giving people a new perspective and attitude towards nature. I think that as a result, Land Art can have a huge impact on viewers and as their minds have no preconceptions of what they are going to encounter, they are open to new possibilities. I would love to go to local woods, such as the Taffs Trail and create removable clay pieces that can be fired and glazed. I would hang my pieces in the forest, giving the trees visible spirits, hopefully causing walkers to stop and consider for a moment the wonder, majesty and beauty of trees and their life giving properties.

I would also like to analyse and discuss the contribution of Long’s work in my dissertation, as I feel that Land Art has a significant role to play in helping us reconnect with nature.


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