Modern Day Green Men

Inspired by old carvings and stories, modern day artists are inspired to create their own take on the green man…401px-Whitefield_Green_Man_by_Paul_Sivell

This beautiful sculpture by Paul Sivell is carved into a dead section of a tree. I find this piece of work remarkable and inspiring as the living and dead segments of wood become truly connected. The sculpture creates a new living piece. He is a very skilled sculptor and creates his own green man in an elegant and graceful way. This encourages me to try my hand at wood carving!


These sensitive photographs are from a series called ‘Eyes as big as Plates’ by Riitta Ikonen and Karoline Hjorth. “Inspired by the romantics’ belief that folklore is the clearest reflection of the soul of a people” these photographs represent the idea of regrowth, regeneration and the circle of life, by showing elderly people walking away into greenery, surrounded by greenery themselves, creating a sense of oneness.Leaflet_photos_080

David Eveleigh created this green man maze in in Powys, Wales. I like the way he has created the green man out of organic matter, truly making it a piece of life and vitality.


Fidelma Massey has made this amazing sculpture taking  inspiration from Traditional church carvings such as the green man. It is called ‘A shrine to the mother of birds’, and I am completely blown away by it. It is carved from bronze, forming an elegant but strong and powerful sculpture. I love the idea of the concealed nest, giving the piece an interactive and unexpected aspect, with this mixed media. The carving of the tree ‘hair’ is really inspiring and is part of Massey’s style to create hybrid beings, where the hair and branches become entwined. I am so glad I came across this beautiful piece of work.


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