Face Nests

After creating the two pieces on the logs, covering missing bark areas, I wanted to try something a little different. I thought about how I could reinvigorate these  maimed, chopped down pieces of wood by somehow restoring a sense of life and energy to them. This led me to consider combining the faces on the trees idea, with the notion of growing plants, giving fresh new life to the wood. I called these my plant nests. I wanted to create a hollow centre where a plant could grow, whilst still maintaining the spirit faces of the trees. So, with a bag of clay and an excited mind I got to it. I enjoyed sculpting these faces, as I feel that they are all very individual and pushed my original design style. I feel that to begin with I wanted to make the faces have a warm, aged and knowledgeable appearance that made the viewer feel nostalgic and comfortable, but I feel that some of these faces are younger and more playful, perhaps reflecting the vitality I felt from the idea of them containing plants.

I have yet to put some plants in the nests, but when I do I will be interested to see what happens. As the clay is not fired it is still very delicate and susceptible to wear and tear. I am somewhat hoping that slowly over time, the roots of the plants may begin to grow through the faces, transforming them into a new entity.

I would like to experiment with this idea outside perhaps on trees in the park, as it would be an unusual and exciting sight, seeing plants growing halfway up trees. These pieces would also slowly wash away with the rain, making them a semi permanent wonder. I may need to get permission from a park keeper in order to make sure I don’t damage any trees or upset anyone. I may need to also check that my clay has no chemicals in it that will harm any of the plants or animals in the local habitat.


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