I feel that the depiction of ‘Ents’ in Lord of the rings perfectly illustrates the concept of anthropomorphising trees. ‘Ent’ from the Anglo-Saxon, means ‘giant’ and these tree -beings are similar to talking trees found in myths and folklore around the world. Made to serve as Shepherds of the Trees in order to protect the forests, they seem to gradually take on more of the attributes of the tree species they are guarding as time passes. Their skin begins to resemble bark and their feet roots. They are given the human characteristics of patience, hating to make hasty decisions and appear over cautious. Their great age is stressed by the way they creak and groan as they move, walking and talking very slowly as if it takes them a great effort to do so. The Ents are often talked down to as often the elderly are in our own western society and their vast knowledge of the past is somewhat dismissed. The Ents face deforestation such as we do today, which brings out a mightly anger in them. We are fortunate that our trees are not so animated (or are we?).

Although my pieces contain deeper meanings and are not simply an animation of the tree, I cannot shy away from the fact that I have been greatly effected by Ents. I have been brought up listening to bed time stories by J.R Tolkien and have watched the films more times than you can imagine. We are formed by our experiences and a large amount of my past has been spent in an imaginative and mystical world.


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