Charlotte Caron

French Artist Caron wishes to interpret how people wear ‘masks’ in life through the use of the two mediums, photography and paint. She believes; ‘Everyone wears a mask in society’ and through using the two mediums, she is able to ‘compare two worlds and create this duality.’ These ‘masks’ are reminiscent of the children’s plastic animal masks, we probably all loved to dress up in, opening up for us a whole new fantasy world . Her sophisticated photographic portraits, with painted animal features combine our wish to humanise animals but also harks back to our desire to take on certain animal characteristics. Hence, when the human and the animal are combined, we may be able to say that with the squirrel mask we see hints of a personality which is flirty and fun but skittish whilst  the deer may represent a calmer and more gentle but nervous disposition.Caron’s work sparks the imagination giving access to an array of possibilities.


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