Guiseppe Arcimboldo

Guiseppe Arcimboldo an Italian Painter from the 16th century, is relatively well know for his paintings using a harvest of fruits, seeds, vegetables etc. which he constructed from his imagination, to produce human like figures. Each plant or fruit he painted was selected for a specific reason to add meaning to the piece overall. I feel that in these two images in particular, which represent all four seasons (above) and the God of the seasons (below), Arcimboldo represents these entities through very carefully arranging and overlapping the harvests into displays that depict them. It is astonishing that the fruits and vegetables were from his imagination. Some critics have suggested that the paintings show Arcimboldo was crazed and unbalanced, but others say that he was rather painting in the style of the time to satisfy the public’s love of riddles and meaning. Certainly,  I feel that he successfully ‘suggests’the idea of these entities without giving them too much form so they have an aura of not being wholly part of our world. He was also, it is suggested, trying to show in his work how closely related humans and nature actually are.


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