Anthropomorphism is a tendency of human psychology, and is described as ‘the attribution of human traits, emotions and intentions to non-human entities’ (Wikipedia) This helps us to relate to other life forms, from animals to objects, bringing them to life and giving them human personalty traits. Through humanising objects, we are often trying to demonstrate a heightened sense of conciousness and emotion.

This artwork by Chris Payne, (artist-illustrator), depicts this notion well, but has a humorous twist, as the muddy, smelly pig is transformed by the suit and monocle into a classy act. Behind it all, it still makes me think of the qualities we all associate with pigs, such as gluttony, but they are also very clever. Payne’s attention to detail and skills of observational drawing are immense, so much so that he superbly captures the body language and expressions of his subjects, whether they be celebrities, politicians or his portraits of animals with human tendencies.


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