Radical Nature

Whilst reading ‘Radical Nature, Art and Architecture for a Changing Planet’ I was struck by some of the notions Manacorda, author, art expert and artistic director at Tate Liverpool suggests, for example; ‘In western civilisation, nature and culture have traditionally been presented as binary opposition.’ .I think that he is saying that by separating ourselves from nature we have, maybe at times, inadvertently, caused many of the global issues that have been so detrimental to nature such as deforestation, climate change and pollution. All of which end up impacting negatively on our own lives. Manacorda suggests that ‘the respect paid to other living organisms and the concern for their endangered status does not slip into nostalgic romanticism. Instead it places in the spotlight mans irresponsible and destructive exploitation.’

Manacorda believes; ‘Humans do not stand outside nature…there is no inside, just as there is no outside, there is no nature because we are always immersed in it.’ This is something which has very much stuck in my mind and has caused me to look at the world with new eyes. If we move away from the Christian ideologies of having dominion over the Earth and accept instead that we are simply another species on this planet, here instead as stewards to protect the world, we may not feel so separate.  When we denounce these feelings of ownership over nature, we can then become fully immersed in it and appreciate how we are intrinsically linked.

Do you feel happier in an office without a window or do you enjoy feeling the grass between your toes and the wind on your face? We need to stop shutting nature out, creating a world more beneficial for all of us.


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