Yorkley Court

This week I went to visit a commune in the Forest of Dean called Yorkley Court. Based on an old abandoned army base a group of people have made their homes here who are interested in sustainable building, growing food and living in a community. It was an eye opening trip as I was welcomed into their homes and felt humbled by their passion and commitment to live cheaply, happily and comfortably, relying in the main on local, natural resources. They have managed to construct cabins out of wood and other recycled resources, creating an atmosphere of peace and tranquility because of the lack of modern technology and the views of the forest and open countryside. Everyone has their own particular skill sets and interests and contribute these to enable the group to function successfully. These include cooking, gardening, building and cutting wood. I worked in the gardens gathering in vegetables which was like a breath of fresh air to be labouring outside, away from the noise and demands of city life. I was very sad to learn that their way of life is under threat as they may be evicted from the site in the near future. My research has shown me, that philosophers over the ages, would agree that this commune is all the richer for trying to live sustainably with nature, whilst trying to avoid many of the trappings of modern day life.26940ECA00000578-2992125-image-a-9_1426188817651519902dsc_3603


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