Discovering the Allotments

Somehow, I’ve only just realised there are allotments opposite uni! It’s a beautiful green garden of paradise that is ripe with fruit and vegetables and is a lovely escape from city life. They run community sessions every Wednesday and Friday, where anyone can volunteer to help in the community allotments, learning skills and spending time with people with similar interests. 

While I was there I met Imogen Higgins, who graduated in ceramics last year. I was excited to meet her as I saw her work in the degree show last year and a few people had told me to speak to her as her work is somewhat similar. She has an area in the allotments where she makes her work where she showed me some of her ongoing projects. We talked about clay and locations where I might be able to dig up my own clay, which I am quite excited about! 

I would like to strengthen my links with the community garden, as I think this would enable me to  network with the local council and potentially discuss organising a community art project at some point. 


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