Summative Post: Documentation

Artist statement

I am currently attempting to closer myself to nature, through my lifestyle and consequently my artwork. Plants have always been a common theme in my practice, to me they signify tranquillity and the essence of life and I try to incorporate them when I can. Recently I have been working with structure building and instillation art, I like the idea of transporting the audience into a different environment which may be unfamiliar to them, igniting change and helping them question themselves and their surroundings. I have also been experimenting with nature enhancing methods such as using a magnifying glass to harness the suns energy. Through this work I want to show the power of nature, enlightening audiences and awing them with the natural world which is so often taken for granted. I hope to encourage viewers to leave a gentle mark on the earth and find their own magic in the world.

Five Important Moments

  1.  summer project overview                                                                           20140910-225923.jpgMy summer project was the proper beginning of my taxidermy skills this year. It made me realize that i was capable of creating exciting pieces and ignited in me a passion that lasted for a long time. I was pretty happy with these pieces and i later recreated them for the Substance exhibition.
  2. substance                                                                                               IMG_1277The Substance Exhibition was a really exciting time for me, it was my first exhibition and the first time that everyone got to know me for my work. By then i had created numerous pieces that i was really happy with which i later went on to sell the majority of. I think this marks me at the peak of my taxidermy, where i was most excited and fueled by it.
  3. elsbeth diederix                                                                                    IMG_3189I feel that this marks the moment when i began to be re-enchanted with nature and remember my passions and interests. After i decided to discontinue taxidermy it was hard to pick up the pieces again but from surrounding and immersing myself in taking photos and experimenting, i found myself again.
  4. my first shelter                                                                                          IMG_2600I think building my first shelter was a big influence for where i am now. Once i had begun building, my work pace quickened up as i had discovered something i found truly exciting and enjoyable. Since i have made this post my thoughts have been a lot clearer and i have had a clearer vision with what i want to do.
  5. my sixth shelter IMG_3036My sixth shelter marked the point where i started staying overnight in my shelters. This helped me realize what i am fully capable of and led to a lot of changes on how i view my lifestyle and what i want for the future. It helped me understand fully what i want to do for my dissertation as well as encouraging me to be more adventurous. This piece has been the main influence for my final pieces.

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