Summative Post: Contextualization

five important moments

  1. Piece of Pavlova IMG_0133As strange as it seems now, this is where i decided to start the whole project. At the time i was interested in creating cubist taxidermy pieces as well as being inspired by the colours. Its hard to believe that this is where i started, compared to where i am now. I don’t believe this piece had a huge influence on me, but it definitely fueled my coloured rats, which at the time were a big thing for me.
  2. no more taxidermy lilac openThis post was the realization that i didn’t want to do taxidermy anymore. I looked back at my old work and realized what i truly enjoyed and was good at. It really helped to see my old self and gain inspiration for her as i had lost myself over the last couple of months prior.
  3. Andy Goldsworthy ANDY GOLDSWORTHYRediscovering Andy Goldsworthy was a very exciting time for me. It taught me that i could be adventurous and making art with nature can be very fun and has no boundaries. I believe that Goldsworthy’s work led me to begin making sculptures, resulting in where i am now.
  4.  The moneyless man IMG_3080 I began reading the moneyless man along the same time as i stayed in my sixth shelter. I was reading the book for my dissertation proposal but it was also hugely beneficial for my artwork. It opened up a new way of seeing for me as well as showing me oppotuinites and a way of life that i had not thought possible. I think reading this book was a big life changing moment that has made me more open minded and enthusiastic. It has helped me create plans for my future and got me very excited about it.
  5. I met the most wonderful people the other day  coed hills 4Meeting people from coed hills has been a big influence to me the last couple of weeks. Since i made this post i have visited and already learnt a lot. I plan to spend a lot of time there over summer and i think they will have a big impact on my project next year. It is wonderful to be around such like minded people and such inspirational outcomes of their work.

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