Both field Overviews

Field One

I chose to do the colour field option as I feel that I am someone who is largely influenced by colour in my life. I am attracted to things that are colourful and love to be surrounded by them, my emotions can be altered by them and I dislike the dark as it results in the absence of colour. I also felt at the time that the project would be hugely beneficial for my subject project as that was predominately based around colour and I was keen to get more insight and knowledge. The project was largely focused on painting which I believe used to be my prime skill and I felt I was quite good at but never fully enjoyed. It was somewhat of a test to spend so much time painting, as my attention span for it is quite short and I find it very difficult to paint consistently for hours at a time. Although I did find some of the painting a little tiring, the theory behind it intrigued me. I loved getting to know the colour wheel as it was something I had never fully got my head around before and I believe that understanding complementary colours will be something that benefits my whole life. Despite the fact that I am unsure if I will ever properly get into painting again, I am very sure that I can take these colour skills into other mediums. I do also have a urge to try painting again as I feel that before I was somewhat intimidated by colour and mixing, but with my better understanding I would like to give it another shot and see what I could create, focusing on colour rather than subject.  We were told we needed no outcome for this project, simply to discuss with the group how it had effected us and how it might influence our work in the future. I felt that my presentation went very well and through the preparation for it, I believe I gained a better understanding of how the project had influenced me and what I could do to harness my new knowledge. David, our tutor believed that the project would alter our minds and lives in a way that we may not fully recognize and may simply result in a better understanding and appreciation of colour. I do believe that it had an instant effect on my work as at the time I was doing taxidermy and  working with my rats and created ‘The Marigold King’ near the end of the project. This piece involved me stuffing the rat with marigold petals and my decision to colour match the rat to the petals. All my work that came out of that period of time is vastly colourful and exciting and something that I feel can be traced to influences in the field project. For months now I have been fascinated by some specific colour theories I was taught over the project, they have made my life more interesting, perplexing  and a little more enchanting.

Field Two

I chose to do the Moroccan field project as I felt it was something which would open my mind. Morocco has such a vastly different culture to ours and is like no other place I have experienced before., I believed it would take me out of my comfort zone and be a life changing event. Through experience, I have found university trips to be the perfect grounds to discover a new country, feeling that I am independent but at the same time have a safe fall back, the perfect recipe for adventure and enlightenment. I found the work we did before the trip really useful as a skill for planning and organizing. Before the itinerary work I had little knowledge about morocco, but through researching I learnt a lot about the country and discovered places and facts that may have been overlooked otherwise. Contradictory to my usual behavior, I felt as if I was one of the most organised people on the trip. I took a travel guide with me which was ridiculously useful and often other people asked to borrow it. I believe that the organisation and preparation I have learnt through this project will become something I always carry out before I visit a new country as it made the whole experience better. The actual trip was mind mindbogglingly wonderful. It showed me a whole new way of life and changed my perception on a number of things. Before the trip I had been slowing adjusting myself to a vegetarian lifestyle, but in morocco I ate my last piece of meat which was encouraged by other people I met on the trip and through what I witnessed in the Moroccan markets. I feel that this has been a big moment for me as I started to see things in a different way and it was the beginning of my decision to stop taxidermy and follow a new way of life. I was also amazed and inspired by the beautiful decoration in the country, being surrounded by colours and patterns really inspired me and made me want to fill my life with beauty. I particularly loved the flower designs that were painted on wood and they were the main inspiration for the embroidery pieces that I created.  I thoroughly enjoyed the embroidery work that I created and learnt a lot of new skills from the textiles teachers once we were home. It is something I have always wanted to try out and feel that with more practice could become more skilled at. In third year I would like to do a lot more embroidery work, and possibly even make it my main practice. I cannot fathom how great the trip and the project were, I truly enjoyed every second of it and would love to immerse myself in Morocco again. I feel that I am now more cultured and aware of my place in the world, as well as being more open minded and aware of possibilities and ideas.

Subject influences

Both the field projects have been incredibly beneficial and inspiring for me. I have thoroughly enjoyed them and they have both taught me new things and opened up possibilities in my mind, giving me a new perspective on my life. The biggest thing for me this year has been the discovery of my taxidermy skills which were hugely influenced by the colour project which helped me to turn taxidermy into contemporary art through the innovation of colour. The project taught me how to expertly blend and create colours as well as helping me gain a new appreciation for them resulting in my taxidermy being very colourful and unique. This became a big part of my life and something people still recognise me for. The next big thing has been my decision to stop taxidermy, which was influenced by the Morocco project. This was a very scary step to make to start with as it involved me going from a very safe place where I was comfortable with my skills, my future and encouraged and recognised by others, back to zero. I had to rediscover what I was good at and what I enjoyed and it has been difficult, but I believe that what I saw and learnt from the Morocco trip has really helped me pick up the pieces. I discovered my love for embroidery, which I may not have otherwise found and through becoming a committed vegetarian, found whole new ideas of living that were also influenced by the Moroccan culture and their closeness to nature. Since the project I have taken on a whole new mindset, attempting the closer myself to nature, through shelter building and finding simple yet exciting ways of creating art, such as harnessing the power of the sun with a magnifying glass and creating land art. I found the influence of the Morocco tutors refreshing and exciting as they were full of different ideas and outlooks that I had not considered before. Mingling with students on other courses was also very beneficial, it was interesting to meet different types of art students and hear their ideas. I am also still being influenced by the colour project; I found my understanding of complementary colours very helpful when creating my embroidery pieces for the Morocco project as well as in the collection of my crystals for my second final piece. This has been a very big year for me and my work, it has been very up and down and difficult at times but I am so happy with where I am now as I feel that the projects have helped me to be true to myself and create a better me that is more confident, cultured, inspired and enchanted with the world.


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