Tree Beads Reconsidered

I have been contemplating the idea of adding beads to tree bark but have had a bit of a problem with prices and delivery times. Ideally i would love to impregnate the chosen tree with as many beads as i could, creating a large scale instillation piece that i could leave to nature but i think this will take a lot of bead collecting time and money. In the meantime i thought it would be nice to try the idea out with my newly bought crystals that i am using for my second final piece. Although i am unable to leave the crystals there as i need them for my final piece, i came out with some nice photos and a stronger idea for the future. I feel like these photos also amplify the use of crystals in my final piece, linking them more strongly with nature. It is easy to forget that beautiful stones are natural made, but these pictures help me remember their origins.

11106489_10206539478063447_792632614_n 11269371_10206539471543284_426458938_n 11277533_10206539471343279_1841510164_n 11303640_10206539473303328_1358789017_n 11297650_10206539472943319_1507999871_n 11327798_10206539472143299_1542520514_n 11328955_10206539472463307_1228548623_n

These are my favourite out of the ones i took, i think i might choose a few out of theese to be displayed alongside my final piece as i think they compliment the pieces.


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