Since last summer I’ve looked after five poorly pigeons. When i was a little younger we were driving home and there was a hen in the road, which was blocking the road. my my made me get out and attempt to move it but it didn’t want to budge. Instead i had to pick it up and take it to safety which was a bit scary as id never picked a bird up before but all went well! Since then whenever i have seen a bird in distress i have picked it up and taken care of it. The first two pigeons were baby ones so they definitely needed a helping had and the other three have all been unable to fly. Once they realize you are not a threat they’re pretty happy to just sit on you and often fall asleep! Taking care of poorly animals is so rewarding and fun, especially when you get to see them fly off when they’ve recovered. It does make me feel like a bit of a crazy mother nature lady but i love it. Maybe one day ill own a pigeon sanctuary.


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