My Ninth Shelter

i made my ninth shelter the other day! We did it at coed y wenallt again as its pretty easy to get to and was so beautiful. we did find it a little bit difficult when we got there as we were pretty eager to find a flattish floor (it was pretty sloped last time)but that turned out to be very difficult as the woods are on a big hill. any places that we did find were either to damp, didn’t have the right trees to build around or didn’t have any fallen branches near by. we literally walked around the woods for hours, but eventually we found the perfect spot. The house building went perfectly and was very fast, we also covered the outside with fer leaves, which was something we hadn’t tried before. it was very insulating and meant that we could keep the blankets that we usually put around the house for warmth. We got a fire going much faster than last time and were frying vegetables over it in no time. Once we got in bed it was almost as warm as the time in the sixth house and we bought fairy lights so it felt very homely. apart from slipping down the hill, i had an amazing sleep, we accidentally slept in until 12:45! occasionally being woken up by dogs barking at us and passers by. here are the disposables from the night (again they didn’t come out very well, damn disposables! i think the woods are just too dark but it really doesn’t seem like it at the time).                                                     luckily i did remeber to take a picture on my phone this time…


it was perfect size, just big enough for us and all our stuff! the door was pretty big though, so any people walking a bit too close in the morning definitley would have seen us sleeping, oops.IMG_3639-0

We also found this lovely little egg shell while we were building our house, theres a baby in the woods somewhere!


we also went to visit our other house which had fallen down quite a lot. this is probably the best photo of the house because the disposables were so shocking, so just imagine this but with more sticks.


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