Hand In Layout Plan

i believe that presentation is very a important part of how good (or bad) the final piece will look so I’ve drawn up a little plan…  1. i have a piece of wood that i found that looks like it might have used to be a fence or something but would make a great name banner. I am planning on burning my name onto it using the magnifying glass technique and then i would love to turn it into a little plant box (just big enough to squeeze some pansies in) and attach it to the wall above my work. I feel like this would really set the theme of my work and would be an upgrade from my hand in last year!

2. I would like to display the pictures i took of the crystals in nature. I think i will choose 5 of my favourite.

3. My second final piece. Each branch will have a hole drilled through it which will be attached to the wall with wool and a nail. They will be hung in colour and height order.

4. The pictures of my sister with the flower shadows across her face.

5. The pictures of flowers and moss and bodies.

6. I would love to be able to lay turf in front of my work as i think this would help give a sensory experience as well as a greater understanding of my wish to incorporate my life more with nature. Viewers could take off their shoes and socks and feel the grass under their feet whilst looking at my work. It would also amplify my idea of inside/outside and vice versa. Unfortunately I’ve looked into it and it seems like it may not be able to happen as its preeeeetty pricey! one meter square is roughly £6 which isn’t too bad as i would probably only want four but minimum buy is ten square meters which would cost £60 and then there is delivery fees! Maybe if i had the space for a little longer i may be able to grow my own, but that’s definitely not going to happen in a few days. oh well, maybe next year, eh.

 I would also like to create little borders out of small branches to go round all of my pictures as it will link them more strongly with nature and look quite nice! i will attach them and the picture to the walls using nails and wool.

I’m excited to get all of it up and see what it looks like! We get allocated our spaces on Friday so hopefully I’ll be able to make the plant pot sign and put the pictures up then.


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