Crystal chakra

 When i went to Bristol to get my crystals, i got talking to the man who owned the shop about my project and he told me to look into the Hindu belief system Chakra. He told me that there are many chakras in the body, but seven main ones, which in the new age practice have been linked with colours; pink/Purple – sahasrara (consciousness), purple – ajna (third eye), blue – vishuddha (throat), green – anahata (heart), yellow – manipura (digestion), orange – svadhishthana (sexuality), red – muladhara (survival). The shop owner believed that i could link the colour of a crystal to chakara, giving them more meaning and purpose. With my huge array of crystals i definitely cover the seven main chakras, which gives my piece more emphasis as some sticks are fully only one chakra. My green stick will be fully about the heart and my blue one the throat. The purple one will me consciousness and the third eye and my yellow to red, digestion, sexuality and survival. I am so glad i came across this belief as it is so interesting and i think i will incorporate it into my life.


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