Second Final Piece Progress


I have begun work burning my branches and it’s going really well! It is very time consuming and weather dependent so i wil have to regularly check weather reports to ensure i am making the most of the sun. The pattern i chose for this one was to do rings around the stick, its a pattern I’ve wanted to try out for a while and it felt perfect for this stick. I think this wil be the green one as it is very large (i don’t want to do any bigger than this). The patterns i am doing are relatively simple as the pieces will also be covered in crystals and moss. I don’t want the patterns to mean or relate to anything as they simply just relate to the concept of using the sun as a means to make marks. each mark is also very individual, the wobbles or lack of it relates to how i am feeling as well as environmental factors such as wind and cloudiness which i like the idea of as it ties it to the moment that it was made.


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