My Eighth Shelter


The other day we were passing through the park and found some amazing pieces of wood. They were from a beautiful old tree and had clearly fallen down or been cut down a while ago as they had lots of moss growing on them. we quickly started building this little skeleton of a home. I love how fluidly the shelter joins the tree, it creates a beautiful shape that looks quite natural. It was a shame we couldn’t finish this one properly, as we were running out of wood and didn’t feel like staying in it as it was in the park. But I decided to make good use of the amazing wood and moved the best pieces to uni to use for my final piece. I also bought a few pieces over from home so now i have a good pile of wood hidden round the back of uni, ready to turn into my final piece. I would like to collect a few more smaller pieces to bulk it up, but that shouldn’t be too difficult to do!



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