Visiting Coed Hills

Recently we had the amazing opportunity of visiting Coed hills! Remember when i said i met the wonderful people at the Abacus art auction? Well we got in touch with them and agreed to come visit for the day. It was a bit of an adventure there as we had to get a bus pretty far out of the center then walk for a little way to find the place. We were warmly welcomed by someone who lived on site (and is making his own house!) and given a tour of the ground which included many vegetable patches and bee hives as well as lots of amazing homes that people had made. We ended the tour by picking some Lemon Balm leaves and brewing them into a refreshing tea. We then headed over to the organic vegetable section and met some other people who were interested in growing, we had a wonderful afternoon of planting all kinds of plants and getting to know each other.


At the end of the day there were some seeds we hadn’t used and we were told we could take as many as we wanted, so i took everything that was left as otherwise they would have just been thrown out (the seeds were old and might not germinate). We then had a further tour through the forest where we were shown a big barn structure where we were told people used to make yurts and a beautiful still lake. Finally we went back to the main site where we ate food and drank tea with other people that live there, it was really great to talk to them and hear their stories of living and working at the organic vegetable farm. I’m sure we’ll be back very soon!


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