Giving these little guys new homes

Recently i bought some indoor compost and thought i would try it out. Indoor compost is great as it is hugley rich in nutrients for the plants as well as not smelling like poo! Often when i have bought outdoor compost inside its caused a fly epidemic, so I’m pretty excited about this!


I have these lovely plants that need some new homes, the baby conker tree I’m waiting to plant, an ivy and a begonia. I have two beautiful tea pots for the ivy and begonia and im simply going to change the mud for the concker tree as i think it will be much happier (and mushrooms are growing out of the stuff and the moment which is a little concerning).


And here they are, the plants in their new homes! The ivy and begonia in the teapots should grow much bigger as they now have a lot more space for their roots to grow. With a bit of love i can’t wait to see how big they get! I would really like to plant the conker tree next time i make a shelter as it will be a nice positive mark to leave.


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