Second Final Piece Plan

For my second final piece i want to use my new found magnifying glass skills as it is something that has been intriguing me recently. I love the idea of creating marks by simply harnessing the power of the sun. I have been practicing a lot recently and am pretty happy with how my skills are coming a long, i feel quite confident in creating a final piece using this medium. The only problem is it is quite reliant on the weather as the sun needs to be very bright and unclouded for it to work properly and there hasn’t been a lot of sunny weather recently. Hopefully the sun will be out enough for me to create the pieces in time, i think i will have to check the weather forecasts frequently in order to make the best of it.


I think i would like to create a piece similar to this as i love the combination of the marked branch and the crystals. I feel that the crystals emphasize the magic and beauty of nature and will remind the viewer of how amazing nature can be. Crystals also come with supposed properties, that will give the piece another point of interest and magic and enforce the idea of spirit and nature, as well as nature being a means of mindfulness.

I will begin by collecting crystals that i think will be appropriate and once i have an idea of what they look like begin to look branches that take my fancy. I also recently purchased a bag of moss which i am very keen to try out, i believe that you simply need to wet the moss and the surface you want it to take to and it should hold on and grow. I will research into this more thoroughly in order to find out the proper method and possibly other artists that use moss in their work. I would also like to practice using the moss before using it in my final piece and am interested in seeing how it takes to different types of materials.


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