Bush craft oppotunity

I was discussing my dissertation with my dad when he mentioned that a friend from work had a part time job running outdoor activities in the Mendips. He had heard that he occasionally ran ‘bush craft’ days with groups (often children) teaching them how to create a shelter and a fire and giving them an experience of outdoor living. perfect! I asked if there was a chance i would be able to volunteer for a day or simply observe as it would be a wonderful experience. My dad quickly got in contact with him and i had a lovely conversation with him on the phone. He seemed eager to look into whether i would be able to participate and now I’m just waiting to tell him some dates that i will be available in the summer!

Mendip Outdoor Pursuits run a huge variety of activities from snowboarding to rock climbing. I think it will be a great to be a part of this company as i may be able to lean a lot of new skills and have a wonderful contact. The ‘bush craft’ is perfect as most of my work at the moment revolves around trying to reengage people with nature and this is a very hands on method of showing people the great outdoors.

main_bushcraftnew main_bushcraft3 main_bushcraft2

This is their website: http://www.mendipoutdoorpursuits.co.uk/bush-craft/


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