My Seventh Shelter

we slept in the woods again! we went to the most beautiful woods called coed y wenalt and known as the bluebell woods, there were bluebells everywhere. we started building under a huge terrifying half fallen tree (which didn’t seem so scary until we were asleep under it). we found the building easy enough as there was a lot of wood nearby and the fallen tree acted as a great frame. it was a little hard to get a fire going as the woods are very wet and a lot of the wood rotten, but when we thought it wasn’t going to work out, FIRE! we quickly got vegetables frying over it, which went really well and it was very exciting cooking over a big flame. the only problem was when we tried to sleep. last time we bought with us a ludicrous amount of bedding as my mum drove us. this time we needed to make our own way there and only wanted to take essentials. this resulted in us sleeping over bin bags (so we didn’t get wet~) with a blanket over the top and a single duvet covering us both. this was definitely not enough to keep us warm, ill definitely sacrifice my arms killing after carrying loads of blankets next time. we also woke up to a lot of rain, but luckily because we didn’t bring much it was very quick to pack up. we trudged our way out of the woods and very wet arrived at a house. we were waiting for a taxi when a lady came out and offered us a lift. it turned out she was an ecological architecture lecturer and Cardiff uni so there was lots to talk about on the way home and we got into bed feeling chirpy and happy. here are the disposables (they are very terrible because there wasn’t much light in the forest, although it didn’t seem it at the time!)IMG_3721IMG_3722IMG_3723IMG_3705IMG_3724IMG_3725IMG_3727

whilst we were there we also stumbled across lots of other shelters people had built which was very exciting and inspiring.IMG_3733IMG_3732


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