I met the most wonderful people the other day

At the Abacus art auction last Saturday i stumbled across a little plant stall looked after by a lovely lady. We got talking about plants and she invited me to volunteer at the organic farm in Cowbridge. This sounded absoloutley wonderful to me as i love vegetables and it would be a great experience to learn how to grow them first hand. i eagerly gave her my email address and she gave me her number in case i had anymore questions. Later i bumped into a guy who said he had grown the herbs i had bought and after talking for a while found out he lived at Coed Hills. I told him about my plans for my dissertation artifact and he suggested that i may be able to do it at Coed Hill as they are always excited for people to create art there. When i got home i looked for some photos of the place and it looks wonderful.coed hills 4coed hillscoed hills rural art space fbcoed hills 2coed hills 3

I’m organizing to hopefully go visit next Friday and maybe build a little shelter for the night, which will be great. I’m so excited to see where all of this will lead!


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