Garbage Warriors

Garbage_Warrior1 garbage warrior 4 garbage warrior 3 garbage warrior 2

The other day i decided to watch the documentary ‘Garbage Warriors’, it had been recommended to me by a friend who knew that i was interested in sustainable living. The whole thing was about a community who had bought an area of land and started a new style of architecture. The leader Michael Reynolds, an eco architect has an architecture degree which helps him to create these beautiful homes. The concept is to use rubbish, glass bottles, tin cans and tires to create walls which are then plastered over or left to let the sun shine through as in these photos. The cans and tires are hugley insulating meaning that the houses do not need to be heated even in winter. This community have created homes out f materials that would have otherwise ended up in landfills and are much more eco friendly that the average home and look beautiful! They took their concept over to an area effect by a tsunami and were able to make homes that were earthquake proof in only 14 days, getting the community involved so that they would be able to make more in the future and feel that these homes were truly theirs.

This documentary has been really inspiring and shown me that you dont have to stick to convential methods of home-building of living. I would love to find out more about them and look into other eco friendly ways of living such as yurts.


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