First Final piece plan

For the 9th of June, I would like to create a sanctuary style structure on the University grounds for my Subject Module Final Piece, which will be assessed. The piece will be the culmination of all my research  and shelter construction experience to date, which has taken place in various locations in the UK and in Greece, some of which I slept in over night. I would ensure that this ‘haven’ was structually sound, as I would like viewers to be able to interact with the piece, spending time inside it to fully understand my work. The shelter would be made from found materials such as branches and would be covered with blankets. I would set up the inside of the structure as if I were spending the night in it; bedding would be arranged and tools such as torches and cooking appliances would be scattered around. I will also display photos of other wood and stone dwellings I have constructed, for viewers to see.

I would also like to be able to do a performance as part of the piece, where I make a small fire (using a magnifying glass if the weather allows it) and roast ‘supermarket skipped’ vegetables. I feel that this will create a sensory experience for the viewers which might take them out of their comfort zone and help them re- connect to nature and explore the concept of living a simpler life.

The locations I’ve considered for the piece are in the courtyard in front of the art school, which would be more public and result in more people experiencing my work, but would mean I need to get some rolls of turf to create the desired look. Alternativley I could work on the grass behind the art school, which would be more private. I believe I would need to start setting up on the 8th as it would take about a day to set up.


location one, courtyard in front of the art school.


Location two, on the grass behind the art school.






The shelter i build will more likely be most similar to my sixth shelter, as i will mostly have large trances available to me which i will be able to cover with crochet blankets. I will begin to gather branches and take them to uni, this may be a little difficult, and i might have to ask for help from someone with a car but it will be done!


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