Roger Ackling

roger ackling 1 roger ackling 2 roger ackling 3 roger ackling 4 roger ackling

Roger Ackling, created these wonderful pieces of art work with just old washed up wood and a magnify glass. intensifying the sun through the magnify glass, Ackling created shapes and patterns without touching the wood with any tools. i love the idea of this method, so i thought id give it a go. it feels amazing to use the sun so quickly as a tool when it is so far away.

 This was a little piece of washed up wood i found in Greece and decided to bring home. I thought it was perfect for the job as it was a lovely shape and colour but i do wish id practiced a bit more first. This was one of the first goes i had and it could have definitely been better planned. Now ive had a few more goes since i feel that i am much better, its something i really enjoy doing so you may see more of!

i may begin to look out for old discarded wood to try patterns out on, it would be cool to have a go on some furniture and bring the outside, inside. The process also leaves the most wonderful smell, like bonfires which would add a wonderful sensory aspect.


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