‘The Moneyless Man’


I recently read this book for my dissertation proposal, and i haven’t stopped talking about it since. After reading ‘Diary of a reluctant green’ this was a perfect follow on. The reluctant green spoke of being more green whilst still living in the comfort of your home, whilst the moneyless man fully involved himself in a self sufficient, moneyless lifestyle. Mark Boyle, the author believes that money is the root of all evils and has ruined the sense of community and selflessness. By living without money, he says that we will go back to trading where relationships are made around trust rather than a cold exchange of money. He sets himself the challenge of living for a year without money, preparing himself by obtaining a caravan on Freecycle and organizing to live on the land of an organic farm in exchange for working the vegetables and land. This book so so inspiring in many ways, it contained helpful tips on how to make things like a rocket cooker out of tin cans and paper and ink out of mushrooms as well as containing a glossary with a huge amount of useful links such as volunteering on organic farm sites. Mostly this book showed me that it can be done. If you have enough will you can live happily and self sufficiently, relying only on yourself and nature. This has really fueled my ideas and made me realize that i don’t have to live conventionally.


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