All Fallen Down


Remember this house? I went to visit it recently and this is how it looks now…


Its all fallen down.


A few of the branches that we tied to other trees were still attached so i think some of the main supporting branches must of snapped and the whole thing came down! It had been very sunny over the last couple of days though so i think the wood must of all got very sun bleached and dried out. Thank goodness it didn’t happen when we were inside!


I salvaged this stick out of the wreckage and turned it into something i can keep as a memory. I practiced the burning with a magnifying glass technique and was really happy with the outcome! I also tied on some crystals and sanded down glass that i found as well as a snail shell that i found when we camped at the house, with wire which gives it a very personal touch. Whenever i look at the branch it will remind me of the house.


I also went to visit my first shelter recently and its almost gone! The branches have all fallen down and begun to be at one with the ground. Now that it is summery and lots of greenery is out, the entire woods look different, what is left of my structure is dwarfed and hidden by the lush leaves and bright colours.


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